January Favourites

I thought seen as we are nearly through January now, I would share all my new favourite products that I can’t stop using this month from skincare to makeup there a little bit of everything in here.

Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturiser

First off, I cannot start or end my day without this product. For a long time, I have suffered from my pores clogging up because of the moisturisers that I am using however, I have now found this beauty.  When you first look at this product it looks greasy as if made for extremely dry skin, none the less this exceeds my expectations by a mile.  It soaks into the skin sublimely and keeps my skin hydrated all day long, giving my makeup the perfect base to sit on. 
Soap and Glory Up-Toned Girl Body Lotion

This Body lotion is said to have built-in toning and firming properties including:
·         Self-Taut – for firming, toning and smoothing the skin.
·         Caffeine contour- A blend of coffee and caffeine for energy boosting properties.
·         Daily supplements- A blend of coconut, almond and grapeseed oils, and radiance boosting flattersheres’ to illuminate and brighten skin
As much as I don’t feel like this body lotion has toned my skin, it has made it look a lot more radiant and hydrated.  There are also no words for how incredible this body lotion smells and how amazingly it melts into the skin which is what I love about it the most.  As soon as you have applied it you can get changed because you don’t have that stickiness that you can get with coco butters, which is my usual go to.
Marc Jacobs Decadence

For me I’ve never been one to experiment and go bold with perfumes however, since receiving a gift set with a small bottle of this perfume in it I cannot resist it. Its woody undertones oozes glamour and sophistication all in one, with the addition of Italian Plum, Bulgarian Rose and Liquid Amber it is a stand out perfume.  Every time I wear this perfume people always ask me what it is that I am wearing.  The best thing about Marc Jacobs Decadence is that you feel like it lasts all day, which is one of the things that is always missing from perfumes. 

Mac studio Fix Fluid Foundation

This foundation has always found its way back into my makeup bag somehow, and in recent weeks I’ve really realised why that is.  Being a huge fan of PLouise and how she creates such flawless makeup looks I found out that she always uses MAC studio fix fluid which made me repurchase this little bottle of magic.  As much as everyone says their skin gets bad, and they get break outs from this foundation I found that using a good moisturiser, and a primer prevents this by a mile.  The thing that has made me love this foundation is the finish, for me there is no need to set this foundation with any powder because it sets beautifully and providing you use the right bronzer (something like MAC Mineralize Skin Finish) the bronzer melts into the foundation.
MAC Huggable Glass In Pleasure First

I have never been a fan of glosses ever, all because the combination of sticky lips and long hair just doesn’t mix well at all.  However, since discovering this in The Cosmetics Store (a discounted makeup outlet store) I haven’t stopped wearing it.  I’ve always loved the finish of NYX Butter gloss in Fortune Cookie however, I found that it was too thick and sticky on my lips.  But this gloss gives exactly the same finish just with a creamier texture that actually lasts a lot longer than The Butter Glosses. 


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