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In the last 12 months nude lipstick has been the talk of the world. However, personally I find it so hard to find the perfect nude for my pale olive skin tone but this Lipstick I am absolutely obsessed with and can't stop using it on a daily basis. 

MAC was a makeup line that was developed by a salon owner called Frank Angelo, and makeup artist and photographer Frank Toscan. They became frustrated at the limited colours that would shoot well in photography, so came up with the idea to create a range that was perfect for their professional needs. MAC became the first brand to invest in the education and training of its staff. Although, rather than driving sales through traditional advertising like, heavy sampling and gifts with purchases they focused heavily on the customer's point of sale experience instead.

However, it's only recently that I have become a fan of MAC products after biting the bullet and investing in the MAC Studio Fix Foundation, which many of you will know I LOVE! So, I became in desperate need of a nude lipstick, and was struggling to get hold of the NYX Lingerie. It was a nightmare to find the perfect one, so once again decided to get assistance in MAC, from one of the girls that are always so helpful. They matched me to the most amazing lipstick I have ever owned (along with a trustworthy lipliner to match of course). It wasn't till I tried a few different shades that I began to notice how different the pigments looked on other people; making it ten times harder to decide upon one!

The colour that I eventually decided on was Faux, which is from the satin range.  The texture is thick and creamy, but without that cakiness that can be the baine of every girls life.  With this lipstick not being matte, it doesn't dry your lips out and make them go flakey. I also decided on Dervish as my matching lipliner to make it last all day with the odd top up after a meal, which can be expected with most lipsticks.

It's very rare that I find a lipstick that I love and wear everyday, until I discovered this beauty; The MAC Faux Satin Lipstick. It is perfect for someone that has an olive skin tone, or is lucky enough to have a beautiful golden tan.  I would highly recommend MAC to anybody, especially with the effort that every member of staff goes to, to make sure that you are getting the best help possible.


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