Why Use a Primer:The Way to a Flawless Base

After skincare the most important step within anyone's makeup routine is priming your skin.  I cannot stress how important this is, and how much it helps so much with your skin and makeup. There are thousands of different primers out there both high end and drugstore, its just a case of finding the one for you.  One that I have been loving at the moment is Barry M Flawless Original Primer, it is oil free and contains Vitamin E, meaning that its moisturising and hydrating your skin at the same time as smoothing and filling pores to help create that flawless base. Not only does a primer help to get a flawless base,  it also helps your makeup to stay put for a lot longer.

The best way to use a primer is to make sure that you're skin is completely dirt free, this means cleansing, toning and most importantly moisturising, as some of the best primers on the market can still dry your skin out. You can then smooth out your primer of choice onto your skin; I like to apply mine with clean hands and rub in gently as it means I can get into all the places on my face that a brush might not. My favourite tip for that flawless base is to wait a couple of minutes to let the primer set in before applying my foundation on top.

The best thing about these Barry M primers is that there are 2 additional ones; Flawless Colour Correcting Primer and Flawless Brightening Primer. The colour correcting one is green which means that it is going to cancel out that redness that some people suffer with; I would recommend this to someone with fairer skin, that has a more uneven complexion rather than red spots as it is not thick enough to cancel out this redness, however it would help slightly.  The Brightening primer is for skin that is slightly dull in complexion and needs a lift.  This would be great on skin that looks tired in the mornings, and struggles to get that flawless base because of tired skin.
I would recommend these primers if you are looking for a Flawless Base but on a budget, as each of these costs £5.99. There is definitely something for everyone with the 3 that make up the collection of primers.

If anyone has any tips on how to make a flawless base please leave a comment below, I would love to know how you get your makeup looking its best!


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