My Weight Loss Journey

For  me I wouldn't normally write a post so personal to myself as my weight has always been something that I have shied away from, and hidden away from the world for so long.  But  like so many other girls I have always had parts of my body that I am so unhappy about, and have hated since as long as I can remember. So since being on a break from university for the best part of 4 months I thought that it was time to kick my insecurities right in the a***, and share my journey with you all.  It's about time women embraced one another for their different shapes and sizes, and accept that non of us are the same. 

Before going to university I had managed to get myself to a weight I was confident with and most importantly comfortable with, but over the 2 years my size 8 figure soon disappeared into thin air never to be seen again (which I think most can relate too).  I found myself looking at myself in the mirror every day that I was getting ready for night out and judging every area of my body with a fine tooth comb, to the point that I would knock my confidence that bit more every time.  For the whole of 2016 I have been trying to get myself to workout more and loose weight, but putting so much pressure on myself that I would soon give up and fall into my own trap and gain more weight. I would buy the meal replacement shakes, the diet pills and workout for 2 weeks solid everyday to the point I was no long enjoying it, and went back to filling my face with rubbish (Sound Familiar??). 

However, suddenly coming back home really helped me to make the changes that I needed to make.  I was eating 3 meals a day with the odd snack (usually crisps, however this was stopping me crave rubbish all day everyday).  Never the less, starting a full time job helped me even more as I wasn't able to eat as much all the time, giving me time to control my hunger and keep me busy.  From being in this situation, I was able to drop a dress size without the need to exercise.  However, my body soon plateaued meaning that I needed to do something more, for me this was the exercise (the part that most of us hate!).

When it came to exercise I knew I needed to start simple so I started using my favourite reality stars DVD; Charlotte Crosby's 3 minute belly blitz.  I absolutely love the DVD, it is so easy to follow and incorporates my favourite type of exercise HIIT,  it is split into rounds meaning that you don't have to do the entire thing you can build up you're fitness and blast the whole thing out when you feel comfortable.

Along side my exercise routine, running up to my holiday I incorporated Protein Worlds 7 day weight loss plan which contains, 14 shakes and 14 lots of slender blend and multi-vitamin tablets.  Including my strict run up to holiday I have added Protein Worlds Hunger Buster tablets to really help give myself a boost when it comes to how I feel about my body, meaning that I went on holiday feeling confident and comfortable with how I look.  However, before the run up to my holiday I only used the slender blend shakes twice a day as meal replacements, which really helped me to control and keep count of my calorie intake.

For me this 4 month journey has really changed the way I look at the food I am consuming and has made me realise that the food you put into you're body really does reflects the way that you're body feels for the whole day.  I can now proudly say that I've created a real lifestyle change for myself and believe that I can really stick to it this time. Of course with the odd cheat day.

If anyone is struggling to control their eating the way I have for the last 2 years, I would definitely recommend trying Protein Worlds range especially the 7 day trial, as you can get a feel for the products, and decide whether you like it or not before committing fully.  For me its the best brand I have found, losing 1 and a half Stone since the beginning of June this year.

Protein World 7 Day Trial
Charlotte Crosby 3 Minute Belly Blitz

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