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As you all know I am all about a nude lip, and after a major haul I have now found my top 4 go to nude lip. For a while now I hadn't found that perfect nude after discovering my holy grail (Click here if you would like to read about my favourite lip combo!). But discovering how amazing NYX lip products are, I now have 4 nude lip combinations that I love.

The first nude lip that I love is a combination of the NYX Slide On Lip Pencil in Sugar Glass, and Estee Lauder Pure Color Lipstick in Vanilla Truffle (I believe that this lipstick has been discontinued so I will ink below a dupe that I also have.)  This is the nude lip that I continuously use on a daily basis as it is so similar to my natural lip colour that it doesn't look too much.  I find that sometimes a nude lip can look a little over thought and stands out a little too much, but for me this creates a nice pop of colour that lasts all day.

Second on the nude lip list is, MAC Lip Pencil in Dervish and MAC Satin Finish Lipstick in Faux.  For me this is not a daytime nude a it is a slightly darker nude that has heavy pink undertones.  However, for a night out or a meal you can guarantee that this is the combination I use to create a more statement nude lip.  I find that when I wear this nude lip it makes my lips look fuller and makes my makeup look so much more glam.  If you want to read my previous post on the lipstick Click Here.  

The next nude lip is a different one for me, I normally always swear by a matte or a satin lipstick however, I am loving combining the NYX Slide On Lip Pencil in Sugar Glass with NYX Butter Gloss in Fortune Cookie.  Surprisingly, I find this nude lip only needs topping up once or twice throughout the day, which is amazing considering that gloss finishes usually comes off within an hour. So if you love a glossy nude lip and get frustrated at having to constantly top it up, I would give the NYX Butter Glosses a go.   

And last but not least my fourth and final nude lip combination is again, the Slide On Lip Pencil in Sugar glass (Yes I'm obsessed!) and NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in London. For me this has to be a holy grail in any girls makeup bag if they are as obsessed with a nude lip as I am.  The finish is completely matte, yet unlike other brands I have tried this does not dry you're lip out one little bit. These Lip Creams also don't dry to quick either meaning that you can work with the product more till you're nude lips are perfect!

If anyone else has any Nude Lip combinations that are a must have let me know !


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