Makeup Revolution Oval Brushes

I have been desperate to get my hands on some of these oval brushes, however I wasn't willing to spend a fortune on a love it or hate it product. So when I saw that Makeup Revolution had launched their own I knew I needed to give them a go! I have been a fan of Makeup Revolution since they first launched the brand , they've really established themselves in the market; as there had always been a need for a brand that creates dupes of high end products for those people who had a lower budget than others. And these brushes have really hit the mark!

I decided to purchase the contour set as for me a flawless base is everything, and this set had an array of brushes that could be multi-purposeful. The design of these brushes make them extremely desirable for a drugstore product; with their rose gold, sleek handle.  If anybody is questioning the quality of these brushes do not be fooled by the price tag! The bristles are so soft and subdued that not only do they make great d├ęcor on a dressing table, they also blend you're makeup out seamlessly.

Pro Precision Brush Oval Face

I use this brush to apply my foundation and this has sped up my foundation routine so much! but this has not affected the flawlessness of the application. If anything my foundation has never looked so stupendous.

Pro Precision Brush Oval Cheek

For me I have been trying to find a brush that stop my bronzer becoming muddy when blended into the skin.  However, this brush combined with the MAC Mineralise Skin Finish and Kat Von D Shade and Light Palette leave my contour looking seamless. 

Pro Precision Brush Oval Shape

Most recently I have learnt that with concealer LESS REALLY IS MORE!! Too much can really look cakey and this brush blends concealer out to the perfect consistency.  Since investing in these brushes my makeup is cake free.

If anyone is considering experimenting with any brand of oval brushes I would really consider giving these a go,the quality is implausible.  The only negative that may yet occur is how durable they are going to be, but I will keep you all updated!


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